Institutional Development Plan

IDP strengthens the culture of quality and planning, because it is based on participatory evaluation and creation, supported by self-evaluation. It will be prepared for a period of five years, and contain a description of the measures for sustainability beyond this period. The IDP will be a living document, evolving as the strategic planning capacity of the institution increases.

A comprehensive Institutional Development Plan with clearly defined goals, benchmarks, measures and monitoring mechanism shall focus 3 basic academic related advancements, which are -

  • Redesigning Curriculum - Learning Outcome based curriculum framework
  • Change in Teaching approach - Focus on activity-based learning
  • Changing Assessment Methods-Introduction of comprehensive continuous assessment evaluation system

State University


Private University


Government Colleges


Aided Colleges


Self Finance Colleges


Institutional Development Plan (IDP) is divided into five Sections, Which is following

Vision and Missions

The institution’s vision for its future

Institutional Basic Information

Institutional Identity and Institute's Establishment Details


Changing assessment methods

Strategic Goals

Enhancing institutional network capacity

Metrics & Targets

Provide the targets against the deliverables